What To Do When Come Back To Your Homeland?

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To find ourselves, we need to travel to different places and experience different things. To climb higher in life we need to go to places where we have never gone before. To do this we might need to travel, to other countries and cities but there will never be any experience like coming back home. Sometime we all will have the feeling to come back but when we do we have no idea what to do after get back.

After you come back home, you would have become a different person. Do not hide that person. Bring it out in to the community. The experience and the stories will be the most exciting thing that others would love to hear from you. Don’t change who you have become unless it’s something bad.

You will not have been the only one who has changed. Your friends, cousins, and family will have changed just the way you did. Some will have engagement rings on their fingers, some will have little toddlers calling your friends mom and dad, calling you an uncle. There might even not be a few people around to welcome you back to their homeland. That is how life is but with whoever is there go to a nice dinner function centre.

And organize a dinner to catch up with all your friends and family over a craft beer and some good food.

Visit places where you use to spend most of your time at. The mall, where you and your friends hanged out and made all kinds of memories. The beach, the place you had your first kiss and where you and your friends played and swam till the sunset. The restaurants where you celebrated many birthdays. Do not go to these places and just feel nostalgic about but create new memories here.

Do things you have never done when you in your home city. You can be the tourist and go around the city. Take tours and busses and see where they take you.

You will sometimes not remember the names and places of certain places but that is normal and called reverse cultural shock. It will take time to remember and get yourself familiar again but take it as an adventure to get yourself back in to grove to where you spent most of your life at.

The more you travel the more you will want to keep going. Sometimes you just can’t get rid of the travel bug out of your system and you will have to accept for a fact that you can never belong anywhere.