Tips On Organizing A Last Minute Gettogether For Friends

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It was the good old days when organizing a gettogether for friends could be done without an issue. For one, everyone lived in the same city. And most importantly, everyone was free; you don’t have to look for a time slot that works with everyone’s schedules. Perhaps it’s part of growing up; but if you are finding that organizing preplanned gettogethers harder than ever before, then you are not alone. If a last minute, without much planning, get together works better for you and your friends, then here’s how to have one of your own…

  • Don’t try to box in a specific time – a common mistake many people do when organizing get togethers with Italian food, is that they try to fit it in a specific time slot. This makes it inconvenient to some, resulting in them giving the whole gettogether a miss. Rather than going for a breakfast or a lunch, consider doing brunch instead. Or if you and your friends aren’t the early birds, give lunch and dinner a skip, and do Tea instead.
  • Make is a convenient location for all – like the time of the last minute gettogether, the location of it too makes a difference. Ideally, when it comes to friends, it makes more sense to have the gettogether at a house. This gives you the freedom to truly relax and let loose. But if the location of your home is out of the way, then having the gettogether at a public place too should work fine. This especially will work if you want to do something specific while you are together; like a dim sum brunch!
  • Pay attention to what’s important – if you are planning on having the gettogether at your home with beer bar in Bangkok, then no doubt you are feeling the pressure. To reduce the stress, learn to focus on what’s important. We agree that even if it’s only your friends coming over, it’s still important to make your place “presentable”. But rather than focusing on decorating the place, focus on cleaning it up and giving it the right lighting instead.
  • Use shortcuts with food and drinks – food and drinks are an important part of any gathering. And this is regardless to where you meet. But there’s no point on stressing over it. If the timings are too short, don’t try to make all the food. Make your signature dish or dessert; and order in the rest. Remember, the important thing is that you are together; and you can do that even while you munch on pizzas!
  • Add music to the mix – music has a lovely way of filling in empty spaces. Even though you won’t be expecting any awkward silences when it’s with your friends, it’s always best having a little music around. Having music softly playing in the background is something nice to walk into; so, consider having music playing around the time you expect your friends to start arriving.