Pairing Wine With Food – A Brief Guide

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It is not that hard to find out the perfect wine to pair with your meal. There are always new and innovative wines being created where even sommeliers and wine enthusiasts who are great at pairing wine with meals are constantly learning something new. Once you get the hang of knowing what flavors work best with certain kinds of wine, your tastes will gradually improve with time.

Preferences and Flavors

Just like pairing other types of foodand drink like black coffee with sweet desserts or even fast food with fizzy drinks – wine can really bring out the flavors of a meal when paired properly. Of course different people have their own preferences and French food can be enjoyed in different ways. The trick is to make the wine complement the meal and not work against it, without leaving an unpleasant taste and spoiling the experience. 

What Does Red Wine Go With?

Bold red wines are great when paired with different kinds of red or cured meats as they bring out the spices and smoky flavor of the meat. Lighter or medium red wines like Pinot Noir are more suitable for white meat like chicken or for rich, fatty shellfish or seafood. Red Wine with a high level of tannin should be matched with food that is rich with a high fat content to bring out smoky meat content of beef and fruit flavors of the wine For example French entrecote would go quite well with Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. The richness of the meat needs to be balanced with the wine. 

What Can You Pair White Wine With?

Seafood, salads and other vegetarian dishes are generally best paired with a white wine. For example French food with rich fish would work best with a rich white wine such as Chardonnay, or prawns with a strong garlic flavor would taste better with a Sauvignon Blanc. Creamy rich pasta sauces can be paired with a dry white wine that will reduce the creamy taste or a rich wine that enhance the flavor. For salads or citrus based dishes, the acidity in the wine should be equal to the dish to prevent an overpowering sour taste.

A Few More Helpful Tips

The main flavors that anyone needs to be aware of is saltiness, sweetness and bitterness of the wine and how it would affect the taste of the food. The texture and acidity of the meal and wine should work in harmony – take into consideration the richness and fat content of the meal too. A wine that complements a meal will not overpower the food flavor or create a bitter flavor.