How To Pick The Right Bubbly For Your Event?

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Sparkling bubblies are often the perfect drinks to serve on special occasions. They provide an invigorating treat that justifies any special event in your life, whether it is an achievement in your career, a milestone in your marriage, an engagement and so forth. Here are some facts to note about the bubbly that you could serve or indulge in for such special events. 

A note about champagne

This drink is rightly known as the king drink among different sparkling wines that are available. This drink originates from the Champagne region in France. Though many countries refer to this drink by different names and market different sparkling wines as Champagne, if it does not originate from the Champagne region in France, it is not the original product. This French drink is composed of chardonnay along with the extracts of Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir grapes and has a distinctly complex and dry flavor. It is necessary to have such know how before you opt to get wine gifts NZ for someone special.  

Other sparkling drink varieties

Prosecco is another sparkling drink made from Italian grapes. It also creates a sparkling wine that is served cold and is known for the dry flavor along with a bitter aftertaste that it leaves behind. It definitely features in the list of fine wine and can serve as a wonderful variety from the usual champagne drinks; it is considered a perfect ingredient in a summery cocktail known as the Bellini. It has a pink color and is a fizzy and fruity mix, comprising of peach puree and Prosecco. If you are in Italy you can sample the Asti Spumanteis that is made from the Moscato Bianco grape which gives this sparkling wine a sweet flavor. It goes well with cheese as well as fruits and with cakes as well. If you are indulging in Spanish food the sparkling wine that would be appropriate would be cava. This is a local variety of this region and made from European grape vines that flaunt white grape strains.

If you wish to indulge in sparkling wines or wish to serve such a drink for a celebratory occasion, there are different varieties to indulge in besides champagne. Match the drink with the kind of food being served or the weather conditions and you will surely have your guests wanting more of it. If you have an experienced bar specialist serving the drinks or whipping up concoctions, ask for such varieties and cocktails to be included in the bar menu to sample wonderful fizzy wine based drinks.