Four Mistakes To Avoid When Ordering Cakes For A Wedding

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Making sure that everything is well organised and perfect on the day of the wedding can be rather stressful. But part of your plans should include selecting the right cake shop from the right baker since it’s one of the most important features of the event. However, avoid getting stressed and enjoy the selection process. You can make things easier by doing online research and getting some good recommendations from known sources – when it comes to making your selections and looking at various designs. 

Last Minute Planning

It’s easy to get side-tracked while planning everything else and end up leaving preparations until it’s too late. Not only will things be more stressful this way, but you might end up dissatisfied with hurried selections. Start planning early by narrowing down bakers in your area – or go through recommendations from friends. Bakers are often extremely busy and will have many orders since there is always a high demand for weddings. From decorations, delivery costs to the type of cake you want – planning things out early is the practical choice.

Poor Communication With The Baker

When it comes to selecting the style and colour scheme for wedding cakes Auckland, you will need to clearly express what design you want to have for the big day. You will need to decide on how many tiers you want, as well as the flavours and decorations – and explain it clearly to the baker or consultant that you will be talking to. It’s always better to write down the necessary details or even show them exact pictures. Another better way to help bakers understand your vision more clearly, is to give them colour swatches of the theme colours too.

Avoid Experimenting Too Much With Flavour

Everyone has their favourite flavours and preferences, and there is no reason why you should not include what you like. However, everyone has different tastes and more mainstream flavours are much popular – you can compromise by having tiers of different flavours or select a favourite mainstream flavour of your own. But at the end of the day, select something that you really like when deciding on items in wedding cake shops.

Listening To Several Suggestions

While you should take into consideration the bakers or planners professional opinions, be sure that your vision is being realised. However, avoid getting swayed by too many suggestions from friends or family, this can make it hard to nail down a final decision. It’s understandable that some people want to help you with the planning process, but it’s your big day after all.