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Being able to earn your own money is a privilege that not only buys you the things you want, but also makes you an independent and confident person. If you are still dependant on your parents or your partner, or anyone else, don’t worry. There is plenty that you can do, within your comfort zone, to earn a few extra bucks.
The first step to being successful in anything is to understand your strength and weaknesses, and then to set boundaries accordingly. You might be having an idea as to what you are good at, and if you don’t, it’s time to look for your strengths. It doesn’t have to be an obvious talent like being able to sing or dance, it could even be the fact that you are good with people, or that your hand writing is neat.

There are many online jobs that available. Those these are jobs that you can do at the comfort of your own home, it is extremely difficult to find a genuine job that actually keeps its promises. Be careful not to fall in to traps. However, if you do find a good job online, stick to it. You are one of the lucky ones.

If you are good at writing, speak to a few newspapers or magazines to try out your luck n reserving a spot for your writing. This could also be e-papers that are published online. Keep writing every day to polish up your skills. Carefully save all your work, so that they can be shared when the time comes. Always be on the lookout for writing jobs. You could also start small, with your own blog that might one day turn in to a venture that earns you quite a bit. If you wish, you could even write your own book and publish it.
Good food never, I repeat, never, loses demand. If you are a good cook, know that that is a gold mine. You can take orders and directly sell your food to end customers. If you have a good marketing strategy, which is not that difficult nowadays given the abundantly available social media, and if you are able to maintain hygiene and quality, this will no doubt be a successful business. You could also cook for nearby best restaurants in Melbourne West, especially if the food you cook can be kept fresh for a few hours. 

Talk to a few local and small restaurants Footscray to see if they are interested. Be on the lookout for garage and other sales that could actually open up and opportunity for you to sell your stuff.

If music is your thing, why not try to DJ at a few parties? Start small and free. Make your voice and music heard and your name famous. Then take it from there. Same goes for photography. If you have good photography skills, and if you own a god camera, volunteer to take pictures at an event, and publish your work on social media. If you are good enough and have the potential to go further in your photography venture, your work will speak for itself, and you would have a successful business in no time.

Good at sewing? You have dozens of options. You can make dresses to simple ornaments to huge bed spreads, which will all attract a good price, and repeating customers. What is better is that you will be able to do your own dresses at a much lower price than what you spend buying them.