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The best things about life are friends and family. Friends are those people you can be yourself around with and you can enjoy yourself when friends are around you. Even though you love spending your time with your friends, doing the same things over and over again will bore you. There are many fun things to do with your friends to make memories and to create stories to tell your grandchildren. You will surely not remember the days but you will treasure the amazing times that you spent and the memories that you made with your friends in your heart.
Have relaxing chill sessions
Sometimes you just need to spend time chilling with your friends. The best way is to try some hookah in Melbourne with your best friends and talk about the past experiences.
Reminisce the fun times, the failed moments and the sad moments. You will not regret spending your precious time with your friend trying hookah.
Go on road trips
Pack up and go on road trips with your friends. You will enjoy the presence of your beloved friends while pleasing yourself with the beauty of the nature. Go on camping trips if possible but make sure that you take all the necessary equipment with you and don’t forget your camera to capture the fun moments with your friends. Have a bonfire and a barbecue during camping. Sing and dance around the fire, what more will strengthen your friendship?
Do charity events
Get together with your friends and organize charity events to help the people in the neighborhood. It won’t only make you feel good about yourself but will make you work as a team with your friends and you will be doing something towards the well-being of you neighborhood.
Help your friends need
‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’. Yes, friends should be there for each other in the time of happiness, sadness and in the times of need. If one of your friends are going through problems, such as: mental problems, physical problems, financial problems, etc. Don’t think twice but help them out in every possible way. The good that you do to your friends will come back to you when you’re in need of help.
Go outside and play
Playing with your friends will take you back to your childhood. You will feel like kids again and you will get a chance to live your life. There is no other way of gaining this sort of an experience. The more time you spend playing with your friends, the fitter you will get. Your muscles will get toned and you will become healthier.