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Soho district in Hong Kong is an entertainment zone named after the entertainment zone in London. It used to be an old city with elderly people and porcelain shops. Today it is a popular tourist attraction filled with bars, night clubs, art galleries, restaurants and other entertaining activities. Here are some things to not miss in Soho.

1. The street food and restaurants
Hong Kong is known for its street food. You should never miss out on the varieties available. It’s so cheap that sometimes people don’t cook at home since take out can be cheaper. Though street food is popular, do not underestimate its restaurants. There are classy and high status outlets that will give you a variety of burgers, Italian, Chinese and many. Pizza in Soho is one of the best experiences you should not miss.

2. Cat street market
Cat street market is known for its vibrant souvenirs on sale. Tourists find this market very attractive though it’s mostly simple souvenirs and other fancy stuff that they sell there. So do make it a point to visit there as the bright colours and busy shops will give you the true feel of Hong Kong.

3. Pak Sing ancestral hall
This is known as the temple for the people as Pak Sing means people. This was a hall where they stored corpses of people who came from china in search of better homes but died on the journey. These corpses were then taken to China but those corpses which couldn’t be taken to China were buried here where their families built over 3000 memorial tablets. It is surely a place worth a visit, check this best italian food.

4. Mid-level escalator
A more fun experience for tourists is the mid-level escalator connecting Central to Hong Kong built to decrease the high congestion of streets. Around 54,000 people travel on this every day. This will be a unique experience for those who would want to visit the much older parts of Soho and also the fascinating main building of the Central Police Station.

5. The nightlife
Soho’s nightlife is truly something to extraordinary. Man Hing Lane is quiet during the day but transforms completely during the night. With vibrant night lights, parties and music and also great street food, it will give you the best time. Buy a slice of pizza in Soho and you are ready to wander around the streets of this beautiful entertainment zone.

Surely make it a point to do these activities and visit these places on your next trip to Soho to get the best of Hong Kong and make it a memorable experience.