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Among the different styles that have come back in vogue are princess wedding dresses. They help make a classic statement as they come with full and ball gown skirts. They can look great no matter what kind of body type you have. However, most modern brides would want a blend of style and modern looks even in a dress that is based on traditional lines. At the time of planning our princess style wedding gown you might want to ensure that the different features are balanced. For instance, if you opt for a big dress you would want to go minimal with the hair and the makeup. You would also want to tone down on accessories.
Modern princess dress styles
If you look at the modern princess dress designs for weddings, they are not as elaborate as the vintage forms. Hence, you need not be scared that you will end up looking like a cupcake. A princess dress would be perfect for daytime, garden weddings. There are modern design elements that you can incorporate in the dress design to ensure that you blend in the traditional form with modern and contemporary features.
Floral designs
Many women are opting for princess dress designs in garden weddings in Brisbane. If you are having a spring wedding, opting for a floral pattern makes sense. That would explain why we have been seeing a splurge of floral patterns in wedding dresses in the current months. With small floral patterns in different colors based on white netted or satin fabric, it creates a visual interest in the dress than the boring whites. 
Simple detailing
Even if you opt for a princess dress design, it does not have to include intricate detailing. If you love simple, no fuss designs, the same can come in the princess form as well. You could have a floral accent added to the waist and wide pleats to hold the style essence of the dress. Many designs incorporate reaching around the bodice which offers a wonderful look to the dress and keeps it simple at the same time.
Deep necklines and other features
Even if you keep the princess dress a simple design it can include a plunging neckline. That will allow you space to add on heavy accessories if you want. If the skirt is a full blow kind, the neckline will provide the minimal look on top that contrasts well with the skirt look below. You could still keep the accessories minimal, a thin necklace or droplet earrings. With the hair done up and minimal blush on the cheeks, it will help you look stunning on your special day and get you a princess look that you always dreamt of.